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We all want more out of life.  More time to spend with our family, friends and doing the things we love.  More energy to do the things that matter to us and not feel depleted afterwards.  More courage to have the tough conversations we know are needed and to pursue our dreams.  More influence with our family, friends, and circle of associates.  More clarity to determine the things worthy of our time and energy.  Sometimes all we need is a little support or encouragement from someone to give us that little push that we need.  A friend, a coach, a mentor to confide in and receive guidance from, or to just act as a sounding board while we figure out the solutions to our own problems.  As a Certified High Performance Coach, I can help people to find more clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence in their lives.  I am committed to helping people find their way, discover their best selves, and live fulfilled lives.  Invest in yourself and in your dreams.  You can learn more about my coaching services here or download an application for a 1 hour high performance coaching session I’m offering for a limited time for $97 and email it to me at

Working with Vrej has been an absolute blessing! His positive energy is infectious and I love the perspective he brings to each session. Since working with Vrej, I have been able to level up in major areas of my life. I appreciate how he challenges me to be a better person and continues to keep me connected to a higher power and purpose.  I am grateful to have him in my corner as a coach, and friend.

Laura R.

If you are looking to take yourself to the next level of health and well being so that you transform your body and love how you feel and look. Invest in Vrej.

If you need to learn how to be super-productive and use your time and attention with excellence, invest in Vrej.

If you need to learn how to have the courage to have the difficult conversations – the ones which could change your life, and do that well, invest in Vrej.

If you dream of being a leader and having an impact on your world, invest in Vrej.

Vrej is a gifted coach. He knows how to listen deeply (to all that is not said as well as what is said) and crafting that into wisdom which you can use in your day-to-day life. Vrej uses a scientifically based proven process called High Performance Coaching to move you from okay to excellent in a short time.

Yes, you have to do the work but having him partner with you and champion you in his firm, caring and deeply authentic way is a game changer.  He will lovingly kick your butt to the finish line and you will have tangible results at the end of the programme.

As an entrepreneur, we NEED to have someone on our side supporting us as we expand and grow and take on new challenges that may seem impossible for us to achieve. That is why your investment in Vrej and his coaching is worth every dollar.

Thank you Vrej!

Sonyan White, B.Eng, PCC, Malaysia

Inspiring People

With a great friend and mentor Brendon Burchard, founder of the Certified High Performance Institute and New York Times best selling author of The Motivation Manifesto.

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